Creative Zen Micro

I bought a 5GB Creative Zen Micro for the same price as a 4GB Ipod.  One of my random pet peeves (everybody has 'em ) is when people say, "Oh, you have an Ipod...," as if the Ipod were a line of devices rather than just a brand.

I don't have an Ipod.  It's an MP3 player!

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I have an ipod (so I'm not a member of this group) and a Zen Mosaic. It's a 3rd gen ipod video, so there weren't a lot of options that were like it at the time, that I know of ... the thing that's irreplaceable (in my opinion) about it though, is the way I can plug a charging device into the ipod and have the music pipe through my radio. Does anyone else have something like that? I'll admit, I didn't really look too hard. Just focused in on Zen when I realized that it used flash technology instead of hard drive technology ( which the 3rd gen video does. ) -- and I was looking for a pla<x>yer to use when running...

Delightful: check out songbird. ( They might have something for you. ) Also, you might have luck with http://www.mpla<x> ... which is an alternative movie pla<x>yer that plays formats that windows doesn't. .. but come to think of it, I don't know if it does MP3s. Another potential is VLC:

What media pla<x>yer does your mp3 pla<x>yer work with? I have a sony walkman mp3 and it works with windows media pla<x>yer, but I hate windows media pla<x>yer,which is why I have considered an ipod, but I want to shop around first. Can you tell me about yours?

I have an Iriver and understand exactly how you feel. My Iriver is what I use mostly but I also have a smaller Sony I use at the healthclub. They both have built in FM radios which the ipod lacks. The ipod is just another mp3 pla<x>yer you obviously didn't fall for the hype.