Never Say Forever

WARNING: I never thought that my father would cheat on my mother...but he did.

I never thought I would be cheated on, but I was.

I never thought I would ever ever ever fight back/cope by cheating on someone, but I have.

I hope for your sake, that you can realize that there is love and life

I have not cheated on my current husband, but misery at times makes me wonder....

Character goes a long way...we make the best choices that we can with the knowledge that we have....

you can't learn to ride a bike without being willing to fall...can't learn to swim if you aren't willing to risk getting splashed in the eye or swallow some water...being part of learning process...

My best friend made herself marry her first boyfriend because she knew that she would never ever ever fall in love again...6years after the wedding, after finding out about his tendencies for criminal behaviors in business, and drinking led to verbal and pysical abuse they finally divorced...she was so in love with perfection...and the IDEA of marrying the man she FELL in LOVE with...sigh...there was hardly any chance to realize that someday when she gained weight and didn't look like a barbie anymore that he would also cheat on her with strippers...

Yes...people are more wrapped up in what should be like than what it is or could turn into...that's why alot of people say wait till you and he have careers...till they've had ups and downs in life, and you can see how they cope...

But the MOST absurd thing is to think that killing someone over infedility is okay. The only creature that knows how to garauntee that, is the black widow. She strikes after mating. That's a bit extreme, don't you think?

No not everybody cheats. Most people just find a way to cope...but being married...whether its for 5 years, or 35 no bowl of cherries.

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3 Responses Mar 2, 2009

good read ..:-)

Nice read. So true on many levels. I am not married yet, not sure if I ever will be.

it certainly isn't....<br />
<br />
But I'd rather put up with all the ups and downs that I face with the love of my life then to face life alone.....