I miss myself

So very stuck in the whirlpool of life. I am a mom, a wife an employee, a daughter, a friend, etc but who am I?!

I remember a time when I was a girl, a woman. I was pretty, smart, outgoing, loved and cared for. It seems sooooooo long ago!

Now, when I ever go out, I keep widhing none of my old acquaintances would see me! I feel so ungroomed and not beautiful anymore. I feel I've aged, in a very bad way.

Sometimes I get a spurt and I get up, do my hair, put some makeup, dressup... I look better, but not as good as I remember myself to be. Who am I? and who is this person in the mirror?

Can anyone hear? does anyone care? where are the people who cared and filled my life with passion and feelings?

Rinaz Rinaz
31-35, F
6 Responses Mar 1, 2010

who dun feel so?!!!
message me to talk more if interested

Also I have the same feeling ,,, old friends may help but also may not . . .

You're right jabeff I was just thinking about the same thing today. I hope I will find the time to do that soon and that they will make time to see me. I will fix myself up before I meet them so I wont feel sorrier for myself.<br />

I was there too. Reach out to those old friends...you may look better than they do. I like to see old friends and let them build me up. When I am down they always have a way of saying good things. Good to hear an outside perspective.

It actually does help :) thanks

I hear you if that helps :)