Its More Than An Addication


    Life is uneasy and it wasen't meant to be made into a simlpe, sweet, soft coated piece of carmal or choclate candy u know? Everyone in this world has an addication for some examples would be: alochol problems ( drinking too much or too obesilvy), doing illegal drugs ( herion or coke), some people love to cut on themselves ( like with razor blades or knifves), and then there are some who have other addications u know? All addications can cause problems such as finical susations, fighting problems and or getting put into jail, some times addications can put us in the wrong time and wrong place even though it was our choice anyways, some addications can cause pain like emotional, physogolical problems, mental problems, and etc. But most addications people just see as addications or just problems, but really if u look beyonde the bullshit story its just an addiaction or a problem, its really a health concern that is usually linked in some way too a person's geners through there DNA from both parents or sometimes just one parent or throuhg both parents sides, what I mean by that for an example is: like for me for instance I use to have alochol problems and drug problems, its linked too me through both my parents and especially my dad's side of the family, even though I chose to get into this its really not just a problem, but a health conceren that could over take my life, if I haden't had got help when I did and I have to thank my Higer Powers for this and my bf, thoes are the two people who loved me enough to say u have a health problem and an addication u need to get help with and stop being in denial", because of thoes two loves of my life, I can now say I have been sober now almost 5 weeks total!!! Then like I said u have some who are addicatied to cutting themselves also better known to some as self mulation or SI ( sucide); what some people do not neccessarry wanna see is its not just a health problem but its an addication, like smoking for instiance when u smoke one cigg u begin to grave another, like SI when a person cuts one time, and they seem to feel that it eases there pain or struggles they are going through, they do it reapdelty over and over again to feel the same way, they become addicatied to what they think is a soulation but really only a problem, that can over take there life and also take a toll on there minds as well!!! Addication too me are more than just a problem, they are a helath concern that can over take our life's in some way, wether it be physogically, mentally, or physically. Addication can over take or over power us in any way we let it, also it can make us in denial about what problem we really have that we are trying to cover through addication as well, but once we stop being in denial about what problem or struggle we are dealing with in life, the real problem at why we chose what addication we chose to do or start, uncovers what the real struggle is, and its also uncovers ourselves to a fresh new and clean start if we really want too get help bad enough to change, what we are trying to hide or cover ourselves!!! Addications are more than just a problem, its a health concern as well, because in some way it can over take our minds and make us someone we are really not!!!



Thankyou goes to my higher powers and my bf Frank, who helped me see that I once had problems with drinking, drugs, and SI problems. Because of these people I am set free from the chains that once bounded my feet and legs together because I let it, but no more!!!

mysterygirlsky mysterygirlsky
26-30, F
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ty bbuds, I apperatice ur support and thoughts, its true about what u said also, ty again!

Congratulations! You should be proud of yourself. I think people are addicted because they are missing something in their life and feel the need to fill it somehow.