Proud Of My Bush

I keep it trim, but never fully shaved. Hubby prefers a bit of fur to play with!
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does anyone else get to play with your beaver

who really cares if a girl shaves her ***** or not

Like my beard, it keeps the lips warm and is a flavor saver

And why not?

That's what's so nice about a trim on a *****. It is relatively easy to shave compared to balls and with a little artwork you can change your whole look. I had a swap wife girlfriend hairdresser that enjoyed bleaching and dyeing her pubic hair. You never knew what her pubes would look like. She was a fun and funny lady with an extremely slutty *****.

I thought you were referring to George bush. Yes u should be proud of ur bush coz it is bush who had witnessed world getting ****** over

nothing like leaving it natural
I love running my fingers through a hairy bush combing it !

How do you play with it? I like the way it looks, I've always preferred a trimmed, neat, bush, but what does your husband do to play with it. Trim it into different shapes? Pluck it? comb it?

i love bush!

I am bushman:-)

YAY for fur! :)

A little bush is always nice

Lovely. The feeling of a nice bush that's warm and wet is amazing.

totally :)

i like my bush but have no one to play with it

i like my bush too

Do you trim at all?

trim the edgers

Hubby is a man of impeccable taste!

That's true - after all, he married me!

nothing wrong with a little hair!

No there isn't!

nice to fiddle with , wot color yours

mid brown :)

im blonde fairly thick nice wen sun shines on it,

Mmmm that sounds lovely!

you like other womans bush ?

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