Lucky Me

I have very little body hair which is good because I am paranoid about it. I do not like a lot of hair to deal with on me or my man. (lol) When the need arises however I do not shave but rather I wax my legs. I prefer this to shaving.
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6 Responses Sep 12, 2012

You know, I have a finely tuned razor and a very steady hand should you ever wish to dispense of the messy wax?

I'm with you one this...smooth, hairless skin on both peeps ROCK!! ♥

You are lucky. Razor burn and regrowth are not my friends!

I love for a man to trim down south and if his underarms are very fuzz trim them back as well. I guess I am strange. :) but I like a groomed man.

Me too. :)

I'm so glad to hear you don't like your man hairy. I always stessed about losing my hair when I was young. But now I buzz my head down to almost bare. I wish the rest of my body had no hair either. I trim my underarms, and certain other areas. But I wish I could get rid of it on my back, chest, and stomach.

Yes lucky you. Some of us are not so fortunate.