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I Am Lucky

I don't have any hair on my legs, none!! :)

*I wrote this story because I needed some points...*

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You have many points in my book Princess.

BTW my grandmother she's dead now toddle on

Your silliness is just one of your many charms.

What do you need points for? Or more precisely, what are points for? I really don't know. But then, I'm often confused by, oh, about anything that doesn't involve art, literature, music or women. No. Check that. I'm always confused by women. It is a wondrous feeling.

I don't have any hair on my legs either, except for the stray one or two which end up being removed by the epilator. My daughter cringes when she sees me using it and I haven't worked out why yet.

That must be every woman's dream not to have to shave their legs!

If I stopped shaving I would look like Willie Nelson in a month.

good for you.

You are lucky. I know as a guy it is a pain to have to shave my face eveyday. I imagine it is even more of a pain to have to shave legs. But it sure is nice to feel a sexy smooth lag.

Gosh. I shaved twice yesterday and then again this morning. lol Can't handle even a hint of stubble.

Always. I love shaving.

lol. No comment.

That's different.

I thought I felt a few tiny ones

:D *laughing* :P


So much better never have to shave! My Lady is the same:)

aww you are lucky!