Hairy Down There

Once, I met this guy out at a bar through mutual friends. He did not attend the same college but all of his friends did. Anyway, I started hooking up with him on a consistent basis but it never went as far as making out. It was winter time and I did not feel the need to groom down there. One night, I was taking a shower and he had come over to surprise me. Apparently, he had asked my roommate where I was and she said "in the shower." He came in and opened the curtain. I was stunned. He looked down at my crotch and began laughing and said he was sorry. Regardless of that "hairy" down, we hooked up that night, but for the last time...
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I personally prefer hair down below. I'm old enough that girls didn't shave their lady parts when I was a teenager, so shaved ones look like children to me. I love armpit hair on a woman, tpp. More of her natural scent and pheromones.

thats a shame. i love seeing a big sexy bush just as much as i love them smooth. variety is a good thing

No hair

Hairy is the best for a woman

a ***** with hair is best. I get turned on when I see a ***** with hair. looks so ******* good. makes me so hard and want to kiss it and **** it good

On Asians hairy ***** look quite cute

Love a little hair for texture and contrast. I don't mind trimmed, or wild, but bald just seems a little perverse to me. I enjoy them anyway lol

I started being sexual with girls when the norm was to keep it neatly trimmed. The few girls who did shave completely would create quite a stir in locker room type guy talk. Now it seems like it's just what all women do. A hairless ***** can be beautiful and the baldness can add an element of excitement in sexual play but it can be boring as it's such an everyday thing it seems with everyone.<br />
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For me there is nothing hotter than the contrast between the totally smooth, hairless white legs, hips, stomach and a nice neat tuft of ***** hair in a darker color. This contrast accentuates and highlights the ***** area from the rest of the body when looking at a naked draws the eye toward this area. Shaving removes this visual 'interest' and makes the body more monotone. Just one man's opinion.<br />
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I think my earlier sexual experiences also come into play here as I remember some of my first sexual experiences with girls and moving my hand down her pants over a hairless stomach and into the bush. The excitement of feeling this womanly hair the first few times was indescribable.

I am 13 years old and I have<br />
never shaved my pubic area.

I am East Indian and my pubic lips have been almost completely covered with hair since I was about eleven. My current boyfriend who was fourteen when we started going out was completely covered with pubic hair and you could only really notice his c0ck when he had an erection. My brothers friend however is white. He cheated with me once (he was the first guy I had sex with) when he was seventeen and at the age he only had a small ball of pubic hair on the top - above the ba<x>se of his shaft. (It was also blonde so it really turned me on a lot). I am only fifteen and have only ever seen two boys but it seems to me that white guys have less pubic hair than brown people. I don't know about black people cause I've never seen one naked - and don't want to.

what is most imprtant is how YOU like it!

Good for you Stacy! Young guys especially have a distorted idea of what a woman looks like.

you should be proud of your hairy *****. the more hair the sexier the *****. i would have started eating you the minute i saw it

I prefer a woman to hair down there. If it's bald, it looks too much like a young girl.

I've commented on this elsewhere - I like it whatever a woman chooses to do, but have a preference for keeping things natural down there

I love it that you keep all of your hair down there. I just love that, I find it a lot more sexy than being bald.

Hopefully, you laughed at him after you kicked him out!

Hi, blackforest!

1) Why didn't you kick his nuts for intruding while you were taking a shower.<br />
<br />
2) Are you sure he wasn't laughing at the situation and not your bush?<br />
<br />
3) Stay natural, there are plenty of guys who enjoy it (probably more than you think).<br />
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Guys are under pressure from others too if they admit they prefer a natural babe. I've been criticized, laughed at, and ridiculed from others. However, I don't care because quite frankly, they are jealous that they don't have the nads to go against the flow. =)

I don't see any fault with that.

I'm keeping it.

i dont mind the hair but my tongue does, and im not doing that again no mam

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! when a woman removes EVERY speck of hair down there!<br />
<br />
when a woman has a little or big landing ***** down there!<br />
<br />
when a woman has hair on top and bare lips!<br />
<br />
when there's just some hair down there!<br />
<br />
even when there's an old growth forest down there!<br />
<br />
Really, truly... IT'S ALL GOOD DOWN THERE! Doesn't make sense to me, at all. It's always a peak-experience for me to feel a girl's hair for the first time (and to feel the rest too). It all turns me on. Gotta' go. ;)

personally i love a girl who has hair! i prefur it actually.

I hate the idea of being totally naked down there. I think men who want that are really interested in me looking like a pre-adolescent girl. Forget that! I trim it and keep it within bikini lines, but that is it! If a man laughed at my va-jay-jay he would find himself alone that night, I can tell you that!

That may be 1 way of lookin at it BUT with all that hair down their it makes it dificult to give good "face" ; ) IMHO

Girl good job i know why i have never seen in the real a BALD ***** then have a beautiful hairy ***** like near,wow the bald ***** babe was turnin red