No One I Know....

.....knows I'm on EP. My screen name is nothing more than a red herring. Because of what I do for a living and where I do it, and especially because of what my significant other does for a living, I keep myself hidden even as I'm making myself public. But my views, my experiences - everything I share on here is real, even if it's not stuff I can discuss in my mainstream. Everyone needs an outlet - even my significant other has an outlet elsewhere where he can be another side of himself. Everyone's inner freak (smile, please - it's meant kindly) needs affirmation. EP's a great place to get that. 
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Well said. Thank you! xo

I, amongst many, want you to feel safe and secure and supported :)

Hugz :)

I have to agree, everyone needs an outlet to let their inner freak out. That is why I am so glad I found EP!! Beautiful pic by the way!

Thank you very much!

You are most welcome!

like that its so nicely expressed i think most people here is same

I can understand why you do not show your face as I am in the same position but what you are showing is very nice as well lol

Thank you for saying so!

it is my plesure, would love to see more but I understand, I only hope you read some of my stories and I would be interested in your thoughts

I'll certainly agree with that. This is a wonderful place to meet people, have fun, and learn things too. Here's to you sweet lady....enjoy life!

I'm having a lot of fun meeting all these different people with all these different proclivities....I think it's cool that we're all here and in some ways can be ourselves even as we hold back a bit of ourselves. Appeals to the sociologist in me! :)

Some people need support and help too, and I think many get some of that. Some just need to cry or vent. That, too, is very understandable. But most of us are here for the fun and friendship this place provides. As an outlet for just about anything it can't be beat. I'm happy I stumbled across this place. And I've met some simply wonderful people. I wish I could keep in contact with everyone of them, but that's just not possible. Not with having to deal with the real world too. I hope you keep on enjoying yourself and having a wonderful time....

EP has allowed me to learn and experience more than I could imagine. Being annonomous allows me to be more free and open than I can possibly be in real life.