Its Like Anonymous Sex...

I think its a good thing for most of us to be incognito here, and its for the same reason that anonymous sex or sex with strangers has the potential to be the very hottest sex of a persons life. If you are not recognizable or you are unknown to your sex partners, maybe you're having sex with people you don't know and will not see again, it allows you to disregard the morals, hangups and the opinions of other people and society as a whole. Ait iis one of the rare opportunities in life where a person can truly release any and all of their inhibitions, without fear of reprocussions. Anonymity can be a very powerful tool for people that really want to know themselves. After all, when no one knows who you are then you are free to be who you are! ( I think I just made that up, quick someone write it down lol!)
hjohnlin hjohnlin
51-55, M
Sep 18, 2012