I Love to Have a Site Where I Can Be Anonymous

Here, I write everything and anything, good and bad.

The things I don't feel free to say to those to whom I should say them. The things I want to protect people from. The things that my manners and/or insecurity prevent me from spitting out to people. The small details.

I am part of many commubnity sites and I share my pictures, but here, I don't want people to attach a face to my name. Here, I want to be able to plainly say the things that could scare, disgust, upset, shock, etc the people who know who I am.

naranja naranja
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3 Responses Mar 2, 2009

I know what you mean. There is this one person I would like to share it with... even though he doesn't particularly like community sites. & even though I say things here I don't feel free to say to him. I think it feels very good to be able to share something so personal with someone whom you actually know.

THis is one of the first things that made our little site here soooo Unique! And I appreciated that emincely when I first came here. Although with time, I've managed to share the site with personal people I know (and trust), and I share more things that before, I might not have.

yup lol me 2 i guess.but not trying to scare noone just expressing myself ...