I write things here that I would NEVER tell any of my other friends outside here. I've never told anyone I use this site because it's private for me and I would be afraid of putting my pic up and someone being lyk "omg thats kerry" then looking at all the things I've wrote that I'm too uncomfortable to share with them.

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8 Responses Mar 3, 2009

i wrote stuff on here that i would never let anyone read, friends or family..

I understand that fully. Friends that care enough to really listen and give support are truly rare. I hang on to them with all I've got because they are gold.

That's a bit of a shame because you are missing out on what closeness can be had from an open giving taking friendship. I have drawn so much strength from my friends in times of need. I couldn't imagine not having that in real life.

i tell my best friend pretty much everything. but sometimes there are things you need get out that you dont want those around you to know. thats why this site rocks! yes i can tell my best friend how im feeling. she even knows about this site. but im not going to talk to her about personal fantasies and such like i can do on here. its a wonderful outlet! if she wants to know my personal fantasies that bad she can have a look!

i dont share everything with people like i do on here!

I know how you feel...I don't share this site with any of my friends either. But I show my face anyway...I mean, if I don't share this site, my friends wouldn't be on here to see my face anyway. So I'm still anonymous.

I'm sorry, Hon. I am happy and grateful that I can tell my best friends ANYTHING and feel comfortable that they will still love me. Hugs.

Then are they really your friends?