I'm Not Sad

Despite my issues, I'm a happy person! I just don't look like it! everyone always asks "are you sad, what's wrong, did something happen, are you crying, are you going emo?!" No, no, no and no. I'm totally fine!! My natural expression is sort of solemn and wary. I can't help it! I'm more of a watching person. I'm perfectly content to not talk during lunch at school, to be silent and soak up the sounds and the things going on around me. Why would I need to speak? I've got myself! :D
CheerioGrrrl CheerioGrrrl
13-15, F
1 Response May 20, 2012

Good attitude, though I understand those around you as well. Most people can only see a persons outer shell. I myself also only talk when I wanna talk, though it depends who is around me. With some people I talk a lot, with some... Not so much haha.