But I Laugh With You On E P

I hardly smile in real life

I dont know why. Others think I am aloof or indifferent. But I am not.

When I am not smiling, I am thinking. When I am thinking, I am planning and when I am planning, I deliver.

I guess

I know I know. Smiling is a friendly inexpensive and rewarding act. Even animals smile.

I am always smiling on EP though,. I not only smile, I laugh with you too. Dont I? 

 Well I will try to smile more often.

I guess this will do for the time being

Would you consider this a smile? That is as far as my smile will go

This is another one of my silly contributions on EP

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10 Responses Sep 14, 2009

I love your stories and admire your friendship whether you smile on the surface or not.<br />
<br />
You have such a big heart that offers peace and friendship all the time. You don't need to smile to be friendly.

Teehee AP, exactly what I wanted to say, it's the small ones who are usually the loudest. LOL.<br />
<br />
I didn't know you didn't know that, Duchess. I was wondering why you created the group I Look Like This, you know.

P.S. Just the sight of that kitty with her tiara and ruffle cracks me up. How in the world did you get the cat to calmly accept being dressed up like that?

My problem is, every now and then---especially in movies--or at social gatherings --I break up laughing out loud--in all the wrong places--friends and family hate it when I do that---they are so embarassed!!!! rotfl--which of course just puts me into fits and makes it worse.

I am a bit the same myself. I would rather be with people like that than to hang around people that smile and laugh for the sake of it or to appear happy, like the people on tv or the radio is even worse they say something like ' the weather will be fine' and all start laughing. I can't stand it it is so fake . But most of the population just smiles and goes allong with it . I don't want you to change and I wish there was a lot more people like you . May be we wouldn't have most of the problems in the world today if people pulled thier heads out of the fake happy cloud and started thinking about things that realy matter , than we would all be better off

Smoking picture, milady!!! I especially love the whiskers, LOL.<br />
<br />
Not smiling often gives one an advantageous edge. I've come from scowling a lot to smiling a lot and now I'm on my flat face phase. Flat face wins big time.<br />
<br />
More work done and nobody thinks they can walk all over you *grins*

i will look into your new group.<br />
<br />

so are you smiling now?

Heh heh, if you think I'm modern and hip, your grace, then we both have a looong way to go! :D<br />
<br />
You're right though: it's easy to show a smile on EP - much more so than in real life I think. I blame the way that my face sits on my head: impassive. People cannot always see the joy on the inside. :)

I think we are quite alike, Callas: smiling on the inside, if not always on the outside... :)