I Am Not A People Person

We live in this society that exemplifies being pleasant and social. By and large I just dont much care for people, I don't enjoy being among them, and when I have to be pleasant I have to force a smile.

This is not because I am an ill-tempered person (Although I am) or that I enjoy being rude (Although I do), I just dont care what most people think. I am indifferent to them.

People I am close to I shall smile to, but everyone else is off my radar.

LordEvan88 LordEvan88
18-21, M
5 Responses Nov 29, 2009

I enjoy being alone. I am not into the whole fake, smiling thing. I smile and laugh with the people that have penetrated my wall and I enjoy their company. I feel most people are shallow and stupid. I have no time or patience for people like that. I'm always amazed at how people try to make you change yourself, so that they can feel more comfortable around you. Just leave me alone!!! When someone says, "SMILE", I say, "I do not take orders". I'm just glad I dont live in Southern California anymore - the home of fake smiling.

yep some people i dislike but i have to be kind

im kinda the same.. im a friendly person when im happy. but not often am i happy. and it just makes me not want to be around the people that constantly surround me. or anybody for that matter. i wish i knew some people that i enjoyed being around.. that'd make my day for sure

I've been complimented and scolded for smiling... I didnt even realize it<br />
<br />
but after becoming self conscious of it I've noticed that by myself I tend to smile at the stupid thoughts that cross my mind all the time<br />
<br />
so it isn't always a social defense mechanism<br />
<br />
I remember once being accosted at work by some born-again telling me how he believed that he was "meant" to work with me... so he could save me.. I stood and listened to the semi-sermon for at least 10 minutes<br />
vocally not agreeing with him nor insulting<br />
<br />
a friend of mine who knows my disdain for religion asked me "how could you put up with that? just smiling and talking to that guy?"<br />
<br />
I didn't mind it, I mean hey who would of expected that from the guy with the budweiser tattoo? just because I don't agree with most people doesn't mean that their thoughts/experiences dont interest me... whether its insight or just plain humor; I enjoy most things...

it feels bad to have to smile or be social to please others or to be "normal". <br />
that is also why i spend a lot of time by myself, where there is no pressure nor need to be pleasant.