Apartment Life

I live in an apartment building that is a non-smoking building. One of the biggest reasons I chose this building as opposed to others is because of the fact that it's non-smoking. So it drives me absolutely crazy that I have smelled smoke from four different apartments in the building. Two of those apartments I share walls with and the smoke drifts into my apartment. I hate to be a complainer to the apartment manager because she's such a rotten *****, but I'm tired of having to live in my bedroom because it's the only room the smoke smell doesn't seem to get into. I pay enough for my apartment and I should be able to enjoy the entire space. I just don't understand my smoking neighbors. I mean NO SMOKING signs are very clearly posted in the doorways of the building and it is explained in the rules when you sign a lease here. The smell is driving me crazy.
shybbw shybbw
26-30, F
Aug 7, 2010