Somkers Are Mental Rejects

i think it is point less to pay out your own money, to poison your own self, when a person is smoking it is like they have a big sign above their head, saying they are a loser, that is my thoughts , smokers don't care to take care of their own body, so when a healthy person takes a look at some one sucking on a cigarette you know that person can't respect their own self, so how can i respect that person, life is about choices
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Well said mommylotus1011 i think you hit all the key points about judging people!! I'm not a smoker but i don't feel the way this girl feels hell half my friends smoke but that is what they choose that don't make them good or bad. Kyhardy you need to grow up and get out in the real world and experience that and we will see how far you get thinking like you do!!

You can disagree with someone's choices without being abusive. They aren't mental rejects. Some smokers are very intelligent. Some are amazing people. <br />
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To reject another person simply because you disagree with them can make you a little bit harsh, don't you think?

I have similar feelings towards smokers