For Their Own Sake

Everyday I am surrounded by people who smoke because many of my friends and family smoke. Although, I hate smoking I do not hate smokers. I used to go around telling them they needed to stop smoking, but I've realized just how hard it is for them to do so. They would generally shoot me done or say they would if it proved to really harm me.Now I just support them to stop whenever they decide for themselves to stop smoking. I love them all which is why I Want them to stop smoking. Everyone knows the effects smoking takes on our health and I Want my family and friends to be around long enough to experience everything life has to offer them. I don't like the fact that they could miss the next family reunion, or my wedding, or even my children graduating from college, which is way done the line.
I often wish that they all had the strength to stop smoking for their own health, but the drugs pretty much have them held prisoner.
I am glad that in the time that I have grown up, science has been able to discover the many health issues there are from smoking. Otherwise, I am not sure whether I would have been wise enough to decline the attempts pushed upon me to smoke. I wish they had known the effects along time ago because I believe a lot of my family probably wouldn't be smoking today.
dixiegirl93 dixiegirl93
18-21, F
May 31, 2012