I Like My Lungs Thanks

I know way to many people who smoke. A lot of my friends smoke, and so does my mom and her boyfriend. Most of the people my mom knows (since she knows them, so do I) smoke like 2 packs a day. My mom says that she could only smoke cigarets and eat watermelon when she was pregnant with me. Gross!!

I don't know about the rest of you but smoke gives me a headache. My mom always smoked in the car and it would stick up the entire car. It was freezing outside But I had to open the window just a crack so I could breath. At my collage, there is thins one sidewalk that everyone goes to to smoke. I have to walk right past them to get to my first class. I always walk right into a cloud of horrible, disgusting smoke and that just ruins my morning.

To be honest, I'm glad that there are rules about smoking in restaurants now. I hate smoking with a passion even though I've been forced to live with it.

You would never catch me dead with a cigaret. I like my lungs and my heart too much for that crap.
lanacat lanacat
18-21, F
Jun 5, 2012