I'm Proud to Be a "Non-smoker" !

Well the reason I've started this group is because I'm tired of feeling "uncool" for not smoking!!

Last night I went to my friend's b-day party. She used to be a non-smoker, but I was quite in shock when I saw her smoking one cigarette after the other!

All guests were smokers.. all but me, which kinda made me feel like an outkast.

I'm proud of being a non-smoker, and I hate feeling outkasted for that!

Axielle Axielle
22-25, F
5 Responses Apr 15, 2007

I hate what smokin can do to people. Good for you for not smoking! You should feel proud about that.

I am trying soooo hard to quit. I pretty much have quit but I have my weak once in a while moments. And once I let myself have one its easier to allow "just one more". I hate it and myself for giving in.

I have studied tobacco and I want to tell you a few things in its defence. Tobacco and nicotine in their pure form have the ability to clear your thinking, while subduing your feelings. This is why Indians smoked a piece pipe while considering war on a neighboring tribe. y the time they were through, they couldn't figure any important reason to go to war. It is a fact that cigarette companies have laced their tobacco with chemicals like coumadin that transferrs the nicotine more quickly into the bloodstream and chemicals that keep the cigarette burning even if you're not smoking it. There are forms of tobacco that do not have chemicals like, pipe tobacco. If you thought you looked cool smoking a cigarette, try shoing up smoking a pipe, like the one I have that looks like the one Sherlock Holmes smoked!

Well I'm still living in the "uncivilized" world of Arabia.. that's why things are always the opposite!

I have kind of the opposite problem: I'm a smoker and most of my friends aren't. I thought it was a growing trend, but not for you, I guess. Anyway, good for you!