Do Not Understand Why Anyone Smokes

There are so many reasons not to smoke...
*It damages the lungs usually causing COPD, emphysema, cancer, heart disease.  It will kill you eventually.  Not "it might kill you."  It WILL kill you.
*People are aware of the damage smoking causes now.  My mom (who dies of COPD) began smoking in her teens, which would have been the 1940s.  She told me the health warnings were not public knowledge and cigarettes had no cautionary label.
*Smoking makes everything stink:  the smoker's breath, clothes, hair, hands, their car, the house.
*Second hand smoke is harmful.  If my parents had only known that, I would probably have fewer sinus and allergy problems.
*Cigarettes cost money, which the smoker then literally burns.
*Smokers' teeth and nails become stained
*Smoking causes premature wrinkles
*There is obvious fire danger.  Just look up how many fires are caused by someone smoking in bed and falling asleep.

I am really astonished that cigarettes are still legal.  It is so stupid.
morticia1969 morticia1969
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2 Responses Jun 19, 2012

totally an ex smoker im glad i packed up .anyone who thinks smoking is good try watching videos on you tube,of people on their deathbed with lung cancer,and videos of people gasping for breath when they get c.o.p.d

Bla bla bla im smoking right now.

If you are smoking right now, either you are on fire or you are in the wrong group.