I Don't Smoke... Anything

At times I feel like I'm the only person left around here that doesn't smoke pot.  In fact, I've never done drugs and it doesn't interest me. I drink from time to time, but have just never done illegal drugs, nor have I ever really had friends that did.  I imagine it has a lot to do with the way I was raised (Catholic home, Christian values, etc.).  But many people I meet, people I work with, etc. just talk smoking up as if it's second nature to them.  I hate the smell and I hate the way it "changes" my friends.  I have tried it, sure, but it just doesn't do anything for me.  Smokers say that it's because I need to smoke more, but why would I?  I just can't relate and I'm glad to say that.  I have nothing against smokers, but I angers me when some regard me as a prude because I'm not interested.  Just as they may feel that they have the right to smoke it, I feel I have the right to stand my ground and refuse it. 
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2 Responses Jul 16, 2007

I broke up with my ex because of his lifestyle habits that came up in our relationship. Told me in the beginning, he quit smoking weed and had hated ciggs, but then eventually he would smoke both occasionally and it just bothered me a lot. I am back in the dating scene but it seems that every guy I meet, smokes something, whether its ciggs, weed or hooka?? I am ever going to meet someone that doesn't do drugs nor smokes cigarettes?

lol, and I thought I am the last person on the earth that does not smoke it! <br />
I have never even tried smoking pot. I do not understand all those questions: Really? Not even once? And I can see that in a split second I am considered to be very lame. Well I am not (I hope lol), I just do not smoke it.<br />
I do not ask them why they smoke something that smells like ****. Why is it so surprising there are people here who do not do it?