I Do Smoke And ....

I DO SMOKE and .... I LOVE IT!

I can highly recommend it to everyone!

Any questions? Feel free to contact me.

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OK; you seem to talk through your proverbial, matey.<br />
The medical difference between illegal drugs and cigarettes is that the one is an adiction, the other a habit. Any essence to become an adiction, a poisoning is mandatory. There is no such thing as "Nicotine Poisoning". Period.<br />
There are currently, in all cities of the World, 25'000 potentially carcinogenic chemicals are in the air already. You breath them, whether you like it or not. The figure 1'000 in cigarettes is as vague as the 72 virgins waiting in heaven to welcome a suicide bomber.<br />
The health industry is dreaming up all kinds of **** to make people talking b/s like you do and start taking their Nicotine products. Did you know that the price of "Nicorette" for instance is tied to the local selling price of a pack of cigarettes? As far as SHS is concered, that is the biggest scam, apart from manmade global warming the World has ever seen. Read Enstrom & Kabat.<br />
I have been very much involved in the non-smokin hype and have talked to meds all-over the effing planet, I mean the ones you don't see on TV, and they said, to put it in a nutshell: "All balony!"

Quitting smoking and quitting a narcotic is not entirely different. At least from my experiance. I was a smoker for 8 yrs. I recently quit. I can honestly admit, the withdrawl is a son of a Bi**H.... fatigue, stomache issues, lungs hurt, cramps, hot flashes, blood sugar levels...etc.....i feel like a woman going through menopause. Remember cigs have 1000's of chemicals altering your body to become dependent.....


Pls don't speak for me, although I do respect your opinion. Like I said, I quit because I could not stand it anymore...didn't enjoy it. No propaganda involved, regardless of what you might think. NONE.<br />
You lost a habit like a purse? Obviously it wasn't very significant for you, and as your attestation that you started again. You started again because you wanted to, and I quit because I wanted to, but mainly because I didn't enjoy it anymore. FACT.<br />
Your analogy of smoking and drugs doesn't fit here. They are two completely different things, and I DO know of "cold turkey" re drugs. Heroin is no laughing matter. I won't go into the details, as it's irrelevant to this story. <br />
Thank you though.

I'm not kidding, why should I?<br />
If the public and propaganda wouldn't weigh like a ton of **** on your mind, you would have never quit. That's the truth, although you'd be saying something entirely different.<br />
I am smoking since 44 years and I'm fit as the proverbial fiddle.<br />
<br />
You're talking about "cold turkey"? You don't know what that is!<br />
Ask a druggie what a REAL "cold turkey" is, mate and you'll see it's a completely different story.<br />
<br />
I lost the habit, just like you lose a purse, some 30 years ago, for 8 months in all. I didn't feel any difference. I started it again, because I wanted to.

You're kidding, right???????????<br />
Quitting is easy; I've done it a thousand times. :)<br />
I finally quite permanently 5 yrs ago, cold turkey. After 25 yrs of puffing foolishly away, I actually couldn't stand it anymore. Didn't even enjoy it anymore. I was ready. And have never looked back.