Never Have, Never Will

I will never even try a ciggarette because thats all it takes for you to get addicted.

I think smoking is stupid, shortening your life for no reason, but i do understand that it is not the smokers fault they feel a need to smoke.

It seems like most smokers dont even try to quit, I know quitting is hard but if you get the right support from the people around you it should be easier to a certain extent.

well thats all i have to say about smoking.

BloodyGuy BloodyGuy
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8 Responses Feb 18, 2010

So... Have you been true to yourself? :)

Man I forgot all about this, a little look into my younger mind, I don't care so much like I used to lol. But yeah I have, still never touched one :)

Awesome, good job! :]

Saying i never even took a hit off a cig before used to be my pride dude, cause i've done weed and alcohol and cant deny much.The weekend before last this chick I was chilling with said she couldn't smoke it alone, and I need to smoke it with her. She held my nose to made sure I inhaled, not just once; but twice! I really hate I puffed that and I don't know how people get addicted to that **** but it's sick. I lost the little pride I did man, but yet I keep a cig on me for other people. Never get lost in a smoker/stoner circle...

thanks for your imput there meisterwolf xD

I feel exactly the same way! I'm not even curious to try it because I know the damage it causes. My whole family used to smoke, and I saw what they had to go through to stop and it put my off completely. I know people who want to try smoking and I'm just thinking 'why would you want to if it's going to shorten your life?' Nothing is worth that. <br />
<br />
Rant over :) lmao

Well if i tried it i could get addicted and why would i want that? :]

:D I hope you still think that when you're an adult, too.

Never say never......<br />
When I was younger, I thought smoking was dumb, unhealthy...etc....<br />
I didnt start smoking until I was 21-22 yrs old. I smoked for 8 yrs and recently quit.<br />
No regrets, no cravings...

man...i want a smoke lol