Quit For You And No-one Else!!!!!

I recently quit smoking after 8 years of the dreadful, money draining habit. After many attempts of quitting This is the final attempt. This time I quit for me, not my wife, not my children, but for me. I know that sounds horrible, but its the truth. I've learned not to quit and use people as a reason. Due to the fact is once something goes wrongs, ie... argument, let down, disapointment,..etc... you are going to go right back to smoking, I've been there and done that. This is a new me by me for me. I've been smoke free for 6 weeks and honestly can say, no cravings and no regrets, however I am experiancing a shyt load of withdrawls:

  • stomache issues

  • cramps

  • fatigue

  • blood sugar levels

  • bad tastes in my mouth

  • hurt lungs

I am slowly but surely recovering. Many of you say, "how can you really be sure you can quit this time?"... I say because I dont want to risk my life with any smoking related illnesses. I dont want to put my family through that ordeal as well as put myself through a situation that I know I could of stopped by just quitting earlier in life. I try to lead a healthy life by exercising, no fast foods, no junk, no alcohol ( i was never really a drinker).

The hardest part of it all was my disassocation process. I had to quit going on break @ work, quit going to 7-11 and/or quick chek, and I even had to quit my part time job as a bouncer because everyone that I worked with smoked. I was also able to just get up and go outside when I wanted to.....and because I was so bored ,just standing there, from 8pm to 3am, smoking at designated times was a treat to break up the monotony of the night.

I do eat a little more, but I'd rather eat a little more that spend $8 a day x 7 x 4 x 12......$2600+ a year.

Since I try not to go out too much I've learned to pack my lunches ($$$$ saver), make & bring my own coffee ($$$$$saver), and all in all a time saver. When I smoked it took me twice as long to get home or to get something done because I had to stop for a cig.

I will keep you all in the loop as I continue on my smoke-free journey.




usmcvince usmcvince
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3 Responses Feb 19, 2010

-----update-----<br />
12 weeks no craves...no cigs.....<br />
some withdrawls are subsiding....feeling a bit better...<br />
I'm sure i'll feel even better once I get all my dental done.<br />
1 extraction, 1 root canal w/ crown..... 1 more extraction and 1 more root canal w/ crown...

Thank you both for your time and input. Its nice to know people actually take time to read and voice (type) their opinions in a supportive manner. So far So good.... 7 weeks, no craves, no regrets.

Good on you. Accomplishing something for yourself is the best way to do anything. When you know what's on the line, it makes things a lot easier. I used to smoke for a couple months when I hit a real rough point in my life. I went to parties often, and was offered a smoke. Normally I would have declined, but at that point I was practically suicidal. Once I got my bearings, I quit immediately. Smoking is crap, glad to see someone breaking the cycle. I do miss it every now and then, but the repercussions just aren't worth it. Plus, it's a turn off.