What Is The Point?

I really don't understand what the big deal is about smoking, all my friends have at least tried it and some of them still do smoke, my mum smokes my step dad smokes and both my sisters smoke. I have never tried it and i never will i really don't see the point, its a wast of money. My mum smokes  a lot and since her work slowed down she is complaining about money problems but if she didn't smoke then would would at the very least have an extra $100 a week i know its not really that much but its enough for food at least. I don't judge people how do smoke i just don't like it or see the point.

Ranunculus Ranunculus
18-21, T
3 Responses Mar 16, 2010

I agree. What is so great about totally preventable bad breath, smelly clothes & hair, yucky tasting kisses, not to mention cancer? It is totally a waste if money.

btw like your advitar i love that show still havent seen al the episods yet

good you dont smoke man rilly <br />
one of my unkls diyd of lung cancer and could have lived thruogh it but still smoked even tho he new he could be saved so i never got to no him and nether did his son<br />
i hope you dont get sik from all the second hand smoking wich is al the smok that they exhal around you it could hert you a lot<br />
and your right ther is no point it only calms your nervs so long thin you need another and anuther and so on thin you get cancer and diy