Why I Don't Support Gay Rights!!!

The reason why I don't support gay rights is for this reason. # 1 Who is attracted to their own sex? # 2 It is very disgusting (in my opinion.)# 3 why do people admit their gay if most people hate them? # 4 why should gay marriage be allowed seriously? I am an atheist but I don't admit that I am making me a closet atheist so the big question is why do gays admit their gay even though a lot of people dislike it an it's wrong? And why should we support gay rights and be seeing gay marriages on TV it's very disgusting!!! 

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Opinions are like butt holes: everybody has one!

Here are the reasons each thing you said are wrong: #1 gay people. #2 your opinion does not affect others. #3 most people do not hate them; admitting they're gay has nothing to do with the issue; and why should they be forced to stay closeted just because other people say so? #4 because gay people deserve the same rights as straight people.

It's narrow minded people like you that slow the progression of societies.

Like I said my view has changed on this subject entirely as I DO support them now. I wrote this when I was in 7th or 8th grade so things have changed and I only keep this story as it shows what I used to believe versus now.

You have matured since then. Why did you say this in the first place? Your Dad? Someone in your family bigoted?

Yes, actually my dad was bigoted when it came to gay rights.

That explains it so why the change of views?

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Guys, my opinion has changed since this was posted. I DO support them now because I believe two condescending adults should be allowed to marry each other if they love each other very much!

I'm glad it has changed. I'm a gay teen.

i have honestly never known of an atheist not supporting gay marriage. i thought it was only a christian thing.

we don't care if people hate us well i don't anyway. we are what we are. I am proud that I am gay.

It's OK to think the way you do! Unlike gay people being gay, YOU have a choice to remain in the dark and continue to be uninformed/uneducated... living on the edge of bigotry... Sorry, you will not be on my Xmas card list in the future!

I think divorce is disgusting. How dare someone promise legally and spiritually to love and honor and support and care for another person for the rest of their life, and then back out like it's nothing? That should be a sin. Oh wait, it is. It should be illegal! Oh wait, it isn't.

If you want to uphold marriage, stop divorce and adultery.

You might have a valid point...if only you could spell


I'm gay, (or should I say I'm attracted to men but feel like a girl, I won't get into it)'

But I hate all those LGBT faggots and freaks. Its wrong. I'm gay and I agree.............

there is this girl who cuts herself, who is grieving at her break-up and she is in so much pain, and she needs a guy to be her man, or you know, boyfriend.

I really want to but I'm gay, and also honestly, if I could pick my future completely I might be a transgender girl but I can't.

its too sinful and so I know in my heart I have to be a man, and I honestly would just love to turn straight.

I would take that pill, to become straight.

you know.....? what hypothetical, "if there was a pill that would make you fall asleep and you would turn out straight and normal." I'D TAKE IT! I would change who I am.

there are so many girls who need a loving, sensitive, caring man and I can be it, but I really wish it could be all forreal. No secretly-gay-anything. I cannot be deceitful and hide stuff from this girl, not now it would be awful.

so I want you guys to understand why I can't be with her. I just can't be a lie to her now. I know that if I was truely straight I'd be her man and change her world.

But I feel so guilty. In the back of my mind I do know that I would be this way forever.

since I have had such deep crushes on men and I have thought about various crushes of men which I don't to women so thats how I know I'm not bi or straight.

I don't feel a REAL ACTUALLY love or crush connection to her. I feel this way to various guys. Its an abomination I know, but just know,

I would change who I am.

I would do it for this girl. :( why can't I? :'(

I wrote this like two years ago, man it's been a long time I'm not as negative as I was about this stuff.

i agree with everything you said nobodyknows2010

So if 2 hot chicks where making out in front of you you'd find that totally disgusting..... Right...

doesn't everyone deserve to be with the one they love?

I've got to admit in some ways you are right and you know what. The funny thing is I am gay and I kinda support people that are against it more than people who are. Because I know its wrong to be this way. And it kinda can be disturbing, but I guess we can't change it and we shouldn't discriminate it either.

People are allowed to be happy the way they want to be happy. To not allow them to get married is truly selfish, just because "you" think it is wrong, you will deny them their own happiness? <br />
<br />
What two consenting adults do is none of our concern...

There is a theory floating around in scientific circles that states that homosexuality is partially a response to exposure to an excess of hormones in the womb, and that this directly effects our orientation. As a side effect, it also causes our extremities to grow more than those not exposed to such hormones, and that's why, on average, gay men tend to be hung a little better than our straight brothers. Notice how good we are about not laughing about that when we're around you? I'm kinda proud of that, myself - not being hung better than you, just not rubbing it in your face.<br />
<br />
As for karma concerns... I have this theory that when one reaches a certain point on the ladder to enlightenment, one is allowed to be homosexual in that incarnation. Sorry you haven't made it yet. May you attain it in your next lifetime.<br />
<br />
And finally, I don't actually believe that there are many more homosexuals now than there were before, I think it's just a matter of visibility. We've been around through out recorded history, and probably quite a lot before that.

you should be illegal then because most people don't like stupidity so I don't support your rights because you lack the competence to even spell and that is "discusting" oh and it's disgusting btw