Just wanted to say, I love how whenever a post goes up on the "I support gay rights" page nobody from over here (generally) goes and comments hate but when a post about one of us disagreeing with gay marriage is put out there we get bombed with posts about how were a "******* idiot". 😑 If you don't like what we believe in just don't comment like that. You've got your group, we've got ours. Deal with it. And if you're going to debate, do it lightly and like a mature adult. Y'all just ramble (see other people's posts)
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Exactly! How is it that they are right to their own opinions but whenever anyone disagrees then youre suddenly the worlds greatest bafoon?

I'm not a supporter myself but at the same time I'm not against it I'm neutral with it all because as a Christian I should not support because God meant 1 man and 1 women but however God loves everyone and doesn't hate gays because he created that person. He didn't make them gay but he made that person and every life is special to God. So I remain neutral with it. Although I do agree that it's annoying to watch the page of gay supporters go up with rarely a bad comment then the non supporters come up and gay supporters are totally bombing it with beliefs and it's just kind of aggravating to watch when things like that happen

People from your page do go to the "I support gay rights" and other gay friendly pages to spew hateful bile so do not act like gay people are attacking because they aren't. Yes debating like a rational and mature adult would be nice, but most of the time this page would say, "I'm right you're wrong. End of story." Without giving any reasoning or support for their argument. That doesn't sound very mature does it?

I believe the difference is the "gay rights" page is one where people go to meet other's of there own sexuality where this entire page is based on hate. People on the "gay" page don't sit around and type about how gross straight people are, this one does such regarding gays. Don't get me wrong, I don't support people attacking others here, but if your page is based on oppressing another group of people, I think getting some unhappy replies has to be expected.

This page isn't based on hate... it's based on what we believe to be right. Where did I ever say that gay people are gross? o_o And we aren't oppressing other people, we are stating clearly, "I do not support gay marriage." It doesn't say **** like "I hate gays". (I love most everyone!)
Basically, if you have a page that is against guns, does it also mean you hate the people who own guns? No, of course not! You just don't want guns here! (I am totally into guns, btw, I'm using this as an example to better clear up my point)
My point being, whenever a post is made about our beliefs as a person, the people who don't agree with our beliefs haggle us with hate. Whenever you gay supporters put up a post, we DONT haggle you with hate.
Hope you understand what I mean.

I think I do understand what you are saying, but I just view it a different way. I, personally, see it as oppressive as what you think is right is denying us our rights. And, while I'm sure not everyone here hates gays, there are some seriously disrespectful things said here that lead me to that conclusion (ie. StandoffishBrat referred to homosexuality as "unnatural and a SEVERE mental illness" and calls it "ugly". And take a peak at nobodyknows2010's "Why I Don't Support Gay Rights!!!" article). You can believe whatever you want is right, but there is no denying that people here ARE attacking gays. And, frankly, while I think you are being very respect, I have to disagree with you completely on this page not being based on hate. Just glancing through the posts here I see people referring to other's as "faggots", calling them "weird", saying they should not be represented in the media. On the other hand, I see very few people speaking their opinions in a kind manner (although, I will admit, there are some). I feel if someone is going to post about how another group of people are all "unnatural faggots", the latter group has every right to defend themselves.

Again, I am not trying to be disrespect myself and I apologize if you view it that way.

Yes, I know those kind of people. They're nothing but hate. That's usually not how we are, but you're definitely going to get those groups that make our whole party look bad. I know other people are somewhat attacking gay people, but they're stating their opinion and even though it's a violent way to say what they need to say, it's legal.
Ya'll have rights, I know that. I'm not going to sit here and say that gay people shouldn't have any rights, I just do not agree with your lifestyle. You have a completely different opinion on it than I do. See it two blank canvases. We both would paint completely different views on the topic, and you're only going to like your art piece (or view), not the others. We respect your art, but we only fall in love with our own piece.
(worst metaphor ever)
What I'm trying to say is that forever the world will disagree with each other on different topics, and this I disagree with you on.
Thank you for the respect, I respect your view too. I also see what your beliefs are, sure everyone deserves to love whoever they want to (in my point of view, it sure as heck doesn't need to be a sexual kind of love)! BUT, me being a Christian, I'm not going to support you, because I know that homosexuality is a sin and my religion comes first.

It is completely fine that people voice their opinions. Heck, people could go to the 'gay rights' page and post attack after attack they wanted, but that wouldn't happen without retaliation.
You're completely right regarding our opinions. They're just two totally different ideas that are never really going to flow together. In being opposites, I sure neither of us will ever really understand the other.
And, I totally respect your religious views on it. I consider myself a Christian, too, but I view the Bible as an allegory, therefor not every thing said in the Bible has to be taken literally. For example, if all people followed what the Bible said word-for-word, we would not be allowed to eat shellfish (Leviticus 11:10), we couldn't wear gold (1 Timothy 2:9), no one without testicles are allowed to enter the church (Deuteronomy 23:1), we wouldn't be allowed to wear multiple fabrics in the same clothes (Leviticus 19:19), there would be no tattoos (Leviticus 19:28)... the list goes on and on. I just feel like if everyone is fine with disregarding all of these laws, why should they be so passionate about forbidding two people to get married, have children, etc.?

I bet if your rights were taken away you wouldn't like it.

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I don't support gay rights either, let's be friends, then get married

I don't support your position but I respect it. I was just wonder why you don't support gay rights. I won't call you a ******* idiot or even refute I'm just wondering

And by all means I am not gay I just believe that they should have the freedom of right.

I don't support it because I am a Christian and it's wrong for me to support or go along with other people's sins. Thanks for being mature, btw. :)

I understand that and maybe if I was Christian I would be the same. But I don't believe in god. So anyways good luck the world will constantly change.