Big Brother Is Here...

The new push for gun control makes the issue of our declining nation very relevant. The culture I grew up in was far from perfect (the 60s), but was ultra safe for children, had a decent educational system, was composed of hard working men and women who sought a better lives for their children and themselves. There was no shortage of discipline at home, in schools, at universities, and in the work place. Whining was frowned upon, while hard work was celebrated. People who committed crimes were punished and then re-entered society, with no 'offender lists' because everyone believed in second chances once you had paid your debt to society. I had guns in my house but it never entered my mind to harm or kill someone who teased me or made fun of me in school--because I was raised properly. Gun control is an example of the far left push to control society to meet its own ends. Our watered down educational system--in decline since the late 70s--is an ongoing effort to dumb down our middle class, so that it accepts things like gun control as a solution to a much deeper problem. Instead of spending billions of dollars to 'protect' us from all sorts of manufactured dangers, problems, or inabilities (obesity, poor problem solving skills, and just plain laziness are but a few examples), we should be spending a fraction of that money to return to an educational system that simply speaking educates the hell out of our kids. Equip our population with facts, thinking skills, and a decent work ethic--as happened to me in primary school especially--and we will again have a middle class that can think for itself and take responsibility for its own choices. This is the greatest fear for politicians of all stripes, for the military, for big business, and for those who are the 'self-anointed' in our society. When I was young people who thought they were more important than others were considered to be charlatans and instigators, acting only to gain power and influence by controlling and manipulating those around them. Now, what used to be a small number of such con artists in US society has taken control of our nation. We are no longer a nation of thinkers and doers; we are a nation with far too many entitled, lazy, fat, stupid, and arrogant people. Having the Obamas in our society tell us what to do and helping us with every conceivable decision sounds like a great place for young children, but it is an incalculably dangerous thing for adults. The society that Nancy Pelosi and Hilary Clinton advocate is one in which others think for us in exchange for which we make them and their ilk rich and powerful because we come through our manufactured dependency to see them as our 'saviors'.
Southpaugh Southpaugh
Jan 11, 2013