Military Assault Rifles

i am an army veteran,infantry asst squad leader,weapons instructor................i dont see any need for anyone owning a workable assault rife...............too dangerous in the wrong hands......i dont believe that banning assault rifles will result in a takeover of all guns........i suspect the nra is a little paranoid on this.............strom,nj
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There is no such thing as an assault weapon / rifle. All firearms are assualt weapons. There is no difference between a wooden stock 308 and a black tactical 308, they will both kill you dead. An if oldsarge is a fake profile, which it probably is, then please delete and stop trolling.

Or expose his ilk, and let others know the truth about semi-automatic weapons.

Oldsarge is a fake profile IMO. Only one very transparent story posted and then no other activity. I'm thinking "Oldsarge" was never asst squad leader, much less weapons instructor. Otherwise he would know better than to pretend that US civilian versions of these weapons are the same as the military versions. No matter how many times the stark difference is explained, the gun hating media pretends not to listen. They actually want you to think that an AR15 that you get at the local gun shop is the same full-auto (machine gun) rifle that our soldiers are issued. Because the more uninformed the public is the easier it is to instill fear of guns in the public's mind. Because they know that if they can ban the guns that are used only in a small fraction of one percent of the murders then they have “paved the road” towards banning weapons used in larger majorities of murders. Like hammers and handguns.

I wondered the same. If you are that knowledgeable about weapons, then you know the difference between military and civilian versions. There are anti-gun groups with the exact MO as you describe. Get the uninformed public to believe that these semi-automatic weapons are machine guns. Indeed, the so called "assault weapon" accounts for a minimal percentage of gun murders...about 0.6% annually. Knives are used in more murders than assault weapons. Blunt objects are used in more murders than assault weapons. More people are murdered by strangulation than by assault weapons. More people are murdered by suffocation than by assault weapons. More people are murdered by arson than by assault weapons. And that data comes from the FBI murder stats. You are absolutely correct...the strategy is by making "assault weapons" illegal, it will be easier to ban the other weapons.

Assault rifles are, by definition, fully automatic military rifles, which are already banned from civilian ownership. The proposed assault weapons ban is on semi-automatic weapons that share certain cosmetic features as their military counterparts. Folding stocks, pistol grips, flash suppressors, etc. However, that doesn't make these guns any more lethal than any other semi-automatic rifle.

Case in point is the Ruger Mini-14. There is a version of this weapon called the Ranch Rifle. It has a wooden stock and none of the cosmetic features to classify it as an assault weapon. There is a version of this same weapon called the Tactical Rifle. It is black, with an adjustable polymer stock, pistol grip and flash suppressor. It functions in exactly the same manner as the Ranch Rifle. Yet the Tactical Rifle would become illegal to purchase under an "assault weapons ban" while the Ranch Rifle would remain legal. The proposed ban doesn't really make any sense.

Oldsarge is a fake profile IMO.