Dear Liberals

Dear Liberals,

When will you understand that your age old gun ban does not work?


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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

I am a staunch conservative, but I do know more than a few liberals who are gun advocates. One guy I go shooting with is very liberal, votes Democrat, hates Fox News, but LOVES guns. The media is doing it's best to try to convince us that this is a debate between the liberals and conservatives. The anti-gun crowd is much smaller than people realize. That's why I think We The People should put issues like gun control to a public vote - and take it out of the hands of gun grabbing politicians.

Last night, while watching the local news, they reported that 90% of the public supports a national gun registration process. BULL$#IT! That is a highly twisted stat, or just a flat out lie. On a topic as contentious as gun control, you can't get 90% of the people to agree on anything. 90%? Really? I mean does anyone really believe that gun advocates want to have to register their weapons where that data will be maintained in a government database?

And what purpose would this serve? Applying taxes to guns? Or perhaps it would be really convenient for the government to have such a database in the future when they've decided the public cannot own weapons any longer...time to confiscate. 90% my lily white @$$.