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The only people safe in a no gun zone are the criminals.

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Personally I own several rifles and handguns. I would never harm any one with a weapon unless I was fearing for my life. I do believe that guns have a place in our homes, vehicles and on our persons. When a person is trying to rob, rape, or assault another human being, they would surely think twice about it if they knew their life was in danger. And there are laws out there to try to keep the guns out of the hands of criminals. Lots of laws! But if a criminal wants a gun they are going to get it. Just like they know how to find all kinds of other illegal things. And that is just the point, if criminals can get guns then ordinary citizens need to be able to obtain guns (without breaking laws) to protect themselves. I can sleep at night knowing I can defend the "fort".

which is why i dont oppose the right to bear arms, but clearly some form of gun control needs to be enacted.

Well as the second amendment states that people should have the right to bear arms under a well-regulated militia (being a body of citizens) therefore the constitution's fr<x>amers obviously prethought that issue of the youth bearing arms, hence why gun control is not an issue over whether or not "15 and 16 year olds to have access to oozies and ak 47s", it's a debate over keeping guns out of hands of criminals not teens

i agree completely with the right to bare arms, though i do believe some type of gun control is needed. after all, theres no reason for 15 and 16 year olds to have access to oozies and ak 47s. i understand a civilians right to own hunting rifles and certain handguns. anything else, however, should include good cause and a very strenuous background check.

koukla 7861 you are a very smart young lady i agree with you 100%

ForeverSoulGuardian, I don't see why you would post a comment so stupid.

If all the guns were gone, we could just attack each other with machetes and sticks. Because right now, no other weapon is used besides guns.