Well Heres My Story Of Being Scare Of Church

i see why so many people laught at people from ky , i was raised to go to church
 many of the same kind of churches in the hills of ky did things i didnt belive in such as drinking  
posion and handling snakes , in one church service a paster gave his young daughter of 16 posion, then they had nerve
to say her faith was weak is why she died . thats nuts . some of the people still do this kind of thing. this kind of practic is againsed the
law , some do this kind of thing in secret .  i dont and my faith is very real and strong
  i am a christan i dont follow any christan group i just belive what the bible says not man.
to drink and of corse she died from it they were pentacoastal people they belived in speaking in tounges and other things.
 my grand mother would drag me to this church . i rember being a young girl seeing people screaming yelling acting like they 
devil was dancing in the church this scared the helll right out of me seeing the lady behind us shaking like she was having
a fit of some kind , all i could think was lord dont let her fall on me she weighted over 400 pounds . then every time we went to 
church it was doom and gloom we was all going to helll if we didnt go to church every day and go to t he alter every day . no wonder 
as a teen i tryed to kill my self a few time thank god i didnt  succeed . i stayed depressed all my teen ager years i think church can be abusive
to young people . i couldnt handle going  beclase the people in this church was so judgemental to me becalse i didnt hold the snakes or
 drink the posion like they did and i didnt fall in the floor speaking words that i dont think was real words like i was speaking in other tounges
 i didnt fake any of it . it all scared me and i was judged becalse i didnt do any of it . god didnt bless me with his gifts they would say
i would tell them god gave me wisdom and i knew better than handle posionious snakes or drink drinks that could kill me all in proving my
faith . so i dont follow any lables of relgin i read the bible . but as a sinner i am still called becalse i dont go to church
 but i know god knows my heart and hes my savior . i refuse to go to churches and to be judged by every thing i do as being wrong
god is my only judge . but i know not all church people arnt bad like this .  i dont condim others for what they do or belive its up
to god not me . 
lunnas lunnas
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thats what my father belived not in doctors but in god only and that pride of not going to see a doctor <br />
he could have been saved from having a heart atack. as for me i reject this toxic '' belife system''<br />
so many that live like that only beliving in god to heal , often die young from thier blind stupity . it sad . but i do belive in god and doctors and when i am sick i do see my doctor . thats why i have problems beliving in the ways and belifes of people that are truly ingnart . i belive in getting a education . they have so much pride in thier only belife in god's healing they cant see dortors do good in helping healing with meds. i dont like following some of the people in my town , and i am looked down upon becalse i dont conform to what everyone belives . so if they all belive in jumping off a bridge , iam not going to jump with them , i think god would want you to use the brain he gave you to live well . but becalse i go to a doctor when i am sick then just being prayed for they judge me as being a sinner my faith in thier eyes is weak ,but they are wrong . so iam once again looked down on becalse i dont attend church . but i do serve god but not in the way they feel i should .

It is strange to be so adament about not going to see a Dr in the name of Christianity as Luke in the Bible was a Dr. It is hard to just shake off things that we have been indoctrinated with as children but I sincerely hope u can overcome alot of the weired things you had to go through and also experience my thoughts are with you so take care.

No I wasnt home schooled ,I am very dyxlica if you judged me on spelling lol<br />
thanks for your coment

thanks for your kind words. I know not all churches and people do this kind of thing<br />
but theres good and bad every where so i dont feel all churches are tanted . but the guilt trips of fear <br />
no wonder all my teen age years I was so deeply depressed and i didnt dare tell those that i went to chruch with becalse they wouldl have probly prayed for me trying to cast out the devil in me . thats the way they belived and if your werent healthy it was your faith keeping you sick and thats another thing my father wouldnt take us to the doctors belcase his father told him that it was wrong god was the only doctor , well 2 things about that bit my dad , my sister when we was 1o and she was 12 she was so sick i called my other grand mother that sis was dying and she really was her apendix almost burst , the doctor told my dad if he would have waited till morning to take her to the hospital he would have had one less child , well he was 52 when he dyed he called me befor he dyed telling me he was having chest pains and i told him get to the hospital it sounded like a heart atack or storke . well his pride he said K arla you know how i feel about doctors , i told him yeah and you could die is that what you want ? well about a week later it happend again and he crashed his plane and he died . i do belive in doctors and god they go hand in hand . ive got family members that dont belive in going to doctors and look how young they were then they died , pretty sad .

Dear Lunnas,<br />
What a nightmare for u growing up and being subject to this horror.<br />
No wonder u scared of Church.<br />
I would keep away too and certainly not take my children to a place like that.<br />
It's a case of those who have power ie the Pastor just mis-interpreting sc<x>ripture and misleading people. It is important to think for yourself and go with your inner voice and feeling.<br />
Glad to hear you still have a relationship with God as he never changes and his love for us never dies. Hope u have a happy day