Religion Is The Cancer Of The World!

I believe religion is the cause of all the worlds ills! Religion has been the cause of every major war in the world! With the exception of civil wars every war has been about religion. World wars and all! Think about it you will find wars dating back through the ages have all started because of religion. If there was a god then he would not let us all be at war because of them! You holy rollers with your holier than us attitude are the ones to blame. You want to control everyone else because they don't believe what you believe, F U! All throughout history wars in the name of god from the war on jews in the time of christ the so called savior. to the holy war now waged by muslims against everyone who isn't muslim! I am sick and tired of all of them. I don't hate anyone but i seriously dislike anyone who wants me to conform to their  beliefs. They are your beliefs not mine so go away and leave me alone and i will let you lead your sorry lives! No i am not a christian or a jew or a muslim or anything else for that matter i am a free thinking person who wants to live his life without war or laws that infringe on my right to do what i want. Don't infringe on my freedoms that has no effect on you.
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2 Responses May 15, 2012

I think you have more there than religion you state (anyone who wants me to conform to their beliefs) I my self believe this is why we have wars and force of issues. We have people who go off the deep end, they are either mentally or unable to realize to eaches on and each has a choice. You hear it when they start a lot of the insisting how you are to follow their religion or their believes or you go to hell. Sad to say there are a few over religion freaks that are going there. I believe in walking the belief in which I choose. As my hubby told his cousin recently. She converted to Judaism, she made a comment they believe in nothing after this life. Hubby stated that is a sad to think nothing after this life. You might want to know this is her fourth conversion. From each she has been convinced it is the right one and how she is going to spread the word. Spreading the word is fine but don’t insist only that religion is the one and only way that will get you to heaven. <br />
I think this is where all goes wrong, for it becomes the focus not what you are about (no morals, no right or wrong, and no values). Sad but it is dictatorship after a while and no one seems to see the cult ness of it. This I think as my opinion begins the wars yes greed has it too but in the name of religion for war is when one tries to bend all to their belief.

Religion isn't to blame for all wars, just most of them. Greed , Bush, Blair and Oil. I might have missed out a couple.