Guess What?

 I do not support the spread of close minded humans who judge all people of one religion because of the idiot fanatics out there.But guess what? This group proves that they are still spreading......

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5 Responses Jul 15, 2008

and..........BAM! Confusing nonrelated comment!

you don't have to that's the beauty of free will, I feel sorry for you because everyone has their beliefs and judging them for that is not only direspectful it also keeps you from getting to know some really cool people, hopefully you at least know that not everybody wants to convert you most people just wanna be understood

My comment still stands. I have little respect for alot of things, but I dont inflect it upon other humans.

If you actually thought about that, you might realise that you are just hating on every human out there. We all have beliefs we follow,which makes everyone a follower. Even if you dont believe in a god, then you would believe in nothing and there are just as many followers of that as there are of any other religion. Stop hating and get some respect.

Amen!!!! You need to be my friend...