No Room For Fundamentalisms

The world just now seems filled with doom-filled reactionaries who have a strange adherence to fundamentalist views of simple messages. The world of Moses was one of pain and domination, and he tried overturning this with adherence to a sole God, as his counterpart/alterego Akhenaten had also, and seeking a simple truth and worth from the Universe of Man.

The world of the Christ was one to simplify the way of the Jews to return them from fundamentalist flaws to a Nazirite view of Service to the God of Light. His Essene co-believers were hounded, and the 'Christian' church came into existence with the reactionary command of one emperor Constantine, a non-believer.

The world of Mohammad (blessings....) has been mutated from the return to the correct view from the polytheisms of Mecca. Fundamentalisms do ill to all who are caught up in their poisonous grips.

I do not support the growth of Christianity, or any other organised religion because of the severity of the control of thought that is despotically sought.
Malpasse Malpasse
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 24, 2013

Very good thinking. More wars have been fought in the name or religion than not. These people claim to be promoting peace! What is wrong with that picture?

More wars have been fought for power, control and resources. Religion has been a clever way for those in power to hide there motives, and entice the "commoner" to buy into whatever war they are wageing. But religion in and of it self is not the cause if these wars.