Close Mindedness...

I love that button! Too Funny!

I don't like Christianity or any religion for that matter... as I notice many of the followers let the religion think too much for them and control them. I was raised Catholic and noticed that most Christian people I have met have basically condemned me to hell for one belief I have or another. Or told me that their branch was the best one and the others are screwed up! *shakes head*

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3 Responses Feb 8, 2009

I agree with both of your comments full heartilly!

I fully agree with your views on letting others believe what they want!

I agree with you. I believe that ANY religion that becomes organized becomes politically corrupted. One of the most regrettable things that happen when the male Priest’s Catholic religion annihilated the female Priestess’s Goddess religion was the psycholinguistic redefining of words sacred to the Priestess. This not only degraded the holy names of Priestess but demeaned women in general! Most words considered “cuss words” today that are insulting towards women were words of honor in Old English, before the Christen invasion.