Christianity... I used to be a Christian, but then I saw some things by myself. I hate that women aren't allowed to speak up in this religion. A man hits you and it is a sin to leave him, because "God" wouldn't have wanted this. A men kills his wife, but that's okay, I guess "God" told him to do so. Is this normal??? A woman has no rights, men rule the world, because "GOD" wanted it to be like that. Insane!

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That is very old school, and not God's way at all.<br />
My husband and I were counsellors in Church for many years and a woman in our group had these huge red bumps all over her chest and neck. I thought it was stress but she wouldn't own up.<br />
Her husband showed us a letter a week later from the court expecting sympath as she had gone to the police and they said if he beat her up again he would be arrested he was over 6 foot and she 4 foot.<br />
I aske him why he showed us the letter and we were so angry with him and told him straight he didn't deserve her she is a wonderfull woman and he deserved to go to jail for the way he treated her. He was shocked at our reaction. So not all churches deal with domestic violence in the same way. I hope u can have a relationship with the Lord as he makes the best friend u can ever have.

Christianity was created by man. The Bible was written by man. God didn't have anything to do with it, it is just another religion out for power and money. They have millions of dollars and there are millions in the world starving.<br />
When it came to Europe, they overthrew the Old Religion and anyone not accepting the new God was tortured to death. In the years of persecution, as Christianity muscled in, 9,000,000 recorded, men, women and children were tortured to death. As a follower of this religion, surely you are also guilty of these crimes by association. <br />
Why don't they show you God, no it isn't a figment of the imagination. When you know what God is, you will know it dosn't need worshipping. To be worshipped, is to appease an ego. God does not have an ego, that is a very human thing.

yes i understand what you are saying, and agree as a christian we should not stay in relationships that are violent. there are some that would argue that the woman should stay until death do us part but they are truly in error. if all would adopt Christ's teaching of love and He said to turn the other cheek. but i don't think it applies to marriage.of course many people who marry probably should not have been married in the first place. there are many places of worship that do not understand the most important tenets of Christ and that is to love God and our neighbor as ourselves. but i also means we must love ourselves. and that's one of the first problems in that as a society, as a people we need to value all children and help young girls to truly love themselves first. oh and i guess i should say that i am a born again christian, but at this time i am not going to any service since i find the same problem as was stated.

Okay, I see I'm totally misunderstood. Look, I didn't say anything against God or Jesus... No. The only thing I wanted to say is that this is the way I see Christianity. I met so many priests, so many "God's people" who told my mother to stay with her husband, because God wouldn't have wanted it otherwise. My father went with my mother to a trip during a nice, warm, summer evening. He did this because he wanted to kill her and throw her body somewhere... Luckily, she managed to run away, and was hiding by some friend for almost a month. She came back home because a priest wanted to reconcile them. He told her that she is the woman in this marriage, and she should stay with her husband no matter what. It would be a big sin if she leaves him. The same thing said another few priests. Now, he hits her often, but she is too scared to leave him because these priests, "God's messengers" told her she will go to hell if she left him. This is Christianity the way I see it. I don't assault the Bible, God or Jesus. Only Christianity which, in my opinion, defines the Bible in a wrong way. In a completely wrong way...

All religions started as cults. People scoff at new religions like Scientology (as they should, since it's ridiculous) but they don't see that Christianity started in the same way. It's just been around for so long and so widely accepted today that people refuse to admit the obvious: a religion is simply a popular and accepted cult.

I understand what you're talking about. In the new testament, Jesus liberated women. It was the society that kept them restricted. It is some of the denominations that preach that women can't speak up in church, that women can't be in leadership, etc. <br />
As a christian, I have found that being a christian I become the best woman possible. I soar to the heights of excellence. I see the invisible and do the impossible. <br />
Because of what some men and women say will not restrict me from becoming what God wants me to be.<br />
<br />
My church doesn't have an issue with this problem. It's not even thought about. Every christian is able to hear from God, preach the gospel, do godly things, because we are equal in Christ. <br />
<br />
If there is a man that refuses to do what God wants him to do , then I'll do it. There is nothing that I can't do through Jesus. To love and minister to people is the highest form of acheivement. <br />
<br />
It does sadden me when women believe that they can't do things. It does give "christians" a bad name. Hopefully through my life, other women will see that we are free to follow and serve God.<br />
<br />

oh forgot to say that I can't remember which one it was either Charmaine or James was also bat **** crazy because of syphilis.... So yeah... maybe there was some font of hatred brewing there about women.

okay just a heathen's point of view....<br />
<br />
the bible as it is mass produced today is NOT the bible that was originally written. wait wait wait before you get your undies in a knot, hear me out.<br />
<br />
historically, there have been many that have "translated" the bible through the years each adding their own special twist.. King Charmaine and King James (yes as in the King James Version of the bible that most use now) were 2 of the biggest translation meddlers, among a plethora of others.. <br />
<br />
One little problem... the biggest meddlers were also historically proven to be extreme in their open and unabashed disgust of women. So of course the poor little people that were translating from one book into one that met the approval of any of these in a long line of Meddlers. <br />
<br />
I am quite certain that anyone arguing by disagreeing with the powerful people and refusing to write the new down with women theme park edition would have their head chopped off... Surprisingly enough with that kind of motivational actions the ethics of the translators suddenly got a little bit fuzzy.<br />
<br />
Now again just my heathen point of view... If Christianity floats your boat, then run with it. If there are things you are being told or translated to by the people surrounding the church or you that just don't quite dance a boogaloo to with the base message of "Peace, Love, Acceptance, Compassion, and Understanding" that the bible was probably written to deliver.... <br />
<br />
Maybe that specific church or that specific congregation or that specific individual that thinks women need to toe the line in some deeply revised book.... really isn't for you.<br />
<br />
please note I am not bashing Christianity or those that practice. I am not saying to quit Christianity as a whole. I am saying however that maybe checking out a few other congregations might produce a better fit for the poster and bring that groovy peace and love message that the religion was meant to have.<br />
<br />
As one of my grandma's said... "God doesn't give a flying horse **** if I am in a church or not. All he cares about is that I am talking with him." <br />
<br />
Gotta love grandma's

When the Goddess was honored in pre-Christian Earth based religions women had greater status. Prestess were honored. Note that Etymology shows that many “cuss” words that demean women today were sacred words of honor before psycholinguistic tactics were employed to deliberately reduce the status of the Priestess and women in general. <br />
<br />
Note that the three main religions in the western world all come from the most sexist chauvinistic region in the world then and still today…DD