Guys and Gals, Over There, You Are In Harm's Way!

You were tricked into goostepping into a sovergn nation under illegal orders and continue to support the Superiors who are unable to admit their CIC was wrong, and are aiding the greedy and evil private sector pigs who are profiteering from the confusion.  To stay there is only compromising the integrity of this once fine country and may possiblty be harmful or fatal to you and to the innocents!

The terrorist idiots are not (and were never in) Iraq and the Taliban is just a bunch of religionus  women-hating fanatics who prey upon the week and stupid.  But they are not the ones who flew the aircraft into the Towers or allowed the "AIG's" to destroy our financial future.

The true terrorists are the greedy, the liars, those that will allow their own sons and daughters to be slaughtered to facilitate corporate gains and political influence.  Those that will steal the life savings of the elderly and trusting to win more and bigger. The unions that bled the corporations, the corporations that bleed the workers, the religions that bleed on command for show and attention, the people that pretend to care, the media that prefers blonds and blood instead of building intellectual discourse among the voters.   Even, yes, those that take short trips in big SUV's, supporting the greed and ignorance that allowed idiots like Osama, the Financial Speculators and CEO's, the Stalins; those that ignore human dignity and by doing so, generate the profits for the [false] prophets.  Terrorists; evil, all...

If you love your country, GET OUT of there and come home and do your part to save us! 

Please - we need you!

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1 Response Mar 20, 2009

Gutsy words. Nobody in 406 views had the same level of guts as you, so I'll be the first to agree with you. Oh crap, now I'm on ANOTHER 317 blacklists from the 12,000 secret government spy organizations.