Clearly This Is Only My Opinion; Your's May Differ

well when i went to school creationism wasnt taught. and i'm glad for that. i was glad then, because quite frankly i didnt find religion all that important. i do have personal interests surrounding religion now, but they are just as i stated, my personal interests.  also, i have 3 kids that do go to school....and i think teaching them faith based facts is a complete waste of time and money.

some things are best gained through personal journeys, rather than structured learning, and i think your faith is one of those things.

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are you asking me, if so, please elaborate on your question, mayapie...when did my story 'impugn' on anyones intelligence?

since when did impugning someone's intelligence become necessary to make point?

What a nice way to acknowledge religion and still keep some good old scientific fact. Kudos antiyou.<br />
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wow, really<br />
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note to self...never live in the same state as i dont think there is anything religious related in our south texas public schools. not so sure about north texas, thats closer to the bible belt.

Religious groups are also allowed to hold services in the public schools on Sundays. <br />
So much for the separation of church and state.

i would have made it a little school project, for every student to remove the stickers off of the books....not sure how that would have flown with the overly religious parents who wanted the stickers though.

Yeah, and you know who had to remove them....the teachers. Like they don't have anything else to do.

oh my, atleast the stickers were removed...

In 2002 our county school district spent gazillion dollars to have stickers placed in all the science text books that said " Evolution is a theory, not a fact." We live in the largest county in the state. Only 1000 parents complained. A federal judge eventually ruled that they be removed. <br />
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I wish I was making this up.

haha...he certainly didnt rule the USA. he was a moron though. luckily, most of the USA noticed. we're not all ignorant over here.

Ok, thanks, that's reassuring.<br />
The intellectual image of the USA has really suffered here in Europe over the last 8 years, ruled by a guy who claims to get personal comments from "god".

niles, creationism isnt taught in most public schools in the USA. but i have heard that some still teach it, but certainly not anywhere i send my kids. but private schools, especially catholic and what not, i think still hold prayer and mass.

What? Really? Creationism is taught in SCHOOLS in the USA???<br />
This is worse than I thought! Or is it just in some very special ultra christian schools?<br />
Do these people still believe that the sun revolves around the earth too?

I would say that it's fine to teach creationalism as part of religious studies, but not as fact. Evolution theory is science, and should be taught as such. But, obviously, I'm not a Christian and know that most Christians feel very differently about this...

i also wanted to add that everyone left great comments. thanks for your feedback :)

exactly shramana, we werent taught it in school, yet we did learn about it, usually at home through family and friends. religion and its ideals are everywhere. luckily we are not being forced to learn about creationism, but we still have the option if we would like to.<br />
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i think poeple want it taught in schools inorder to give children a chance to make up their own minds. but there is so many ways to teach creationism, and regardless of how it would be taught in school, it would still be taught at home, and taught differently by each parent depending on their religion.<br />
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the theory of evolution, on the other hand, is a scientific theory supported by scientific facts. but its not something that can be taught at home because science changes everyday. when my mother went to school, the idea that we came from apes was practically fact. when i went to school, it was still a concept but not a certainty. when my daughters go to school they will likely learn something slightly different and more educated than what i learned...the theory of evolution changes based on new discoveries, new scientific facts, which is why it NEEDS to be taught in school. creationism, because of its believers, doesnt change, the stories in the bible are truthful and real, regardless of disproving evidence...and thats why it can not be taught in school. creationism doesnt change based on new discoveries, theres nothing educational to really be learned or gained. its just a story (that comment is not intended to offend). but stories are best told at home.

Kids will just get confused if you teach them stuff that obviously isn't true. Why waste their time and everyone else's? Mind you, I thought 90% of the time I spent at school was wasted anyway. Not that I went very often.

I do so agree. I for one do not like religion, or even the concept of it. It is a distinct division of people who seem to be seeking the same thing. I don’t get it. I do how ever prescribe to my own belief of spirituality, and my higher power. But Religion….No way…. Not in school, I shy away with anything that ends in ISM to.