Seriously, Folks

Okay, so I thik the W is a huge douche, and stole his presidency, and is a moron, and practices bad politics, and generally makes us Americans look like huge ******** to the rest of the world.  BUT HE IS NOT THE ANTI CHRIST.  I almost feel like calling him that is vaguely complementary-- You see, the anti-christ will be someone LOVED by the people of the wolrd.  He will be charming, and smart, and we will FALSELY IDOLIZE HIM. 

Don't sound like the ***** we know and hate!!!

Before you start throwing around religious accusations, do a little research into what you are talking abouut.  I'm not a christian, but I have stdied the bible and may other relgious documents.

Bush is not the anti christ.  He's just not cool enough.
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1 Response Mar 16, 2007

ROFLMAO!! I gave this one a five!! From my "limited" study on prophesy, I totally agree with you! But I could never have put my thoughts in the humorously litterary form you have! KUDOS to your story!