How Could He Be?


There is no right or wrong in the final tally. I think he's just an unimaginative un-curious, religiously minded ruler thrust into a stressful situation. Anyway, it’s your mess not mine, just choose better this time. He couldn’t be the anti-Christ, because there will be no anti-Christ, just like there will be no second coming of Zeus.

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8 Responses Jun 11, 2007

Yeah, I know, I was Joking :) <br />
Lame joke, anyway...<br />
sharing thoughts is probably the best strategy anyway, no chance of being accused of being aggressive if you only share ideas...right (wrong, sigh)

People don't listen to me so doing anything other than watching, waiting, and interpreting the signs will do me no good. Besides I don't like conflict per say, I just like to stir the pot and try to get people to see a different side of things.

you see, you're WAITING for the revolution. What you should be doing is printing off fliers about controversial topics and spending your free-time yelling in the streets.

Sure we get to choose, jerk off A or jerk off B, selected by two jerk off parties. I am just waiting on the second american revolution, but people are so complacent anymore I am not sure it will ever occur.

You don't choose, perhaps the nastiest trick of it all

How can we choose better this time?<br />
Have you seen our choices?

I feel it is my mess, cause I'm a part of the English speaking western world alliance I imagine in my head... E.S.W.W.A<br />
And also because we are getting election coverage as if we count as voters. It's hard not to imagine we are a little state of America...perhaps thats the plan...

Whhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattt?? Zeus isn't coming back?!? But what am I going to do with all my "Zeus Strikes Back" and "The Return of Zeus" and "Zeus Redux" accessories that I bought just for the occasion?? As Jack Bauer would say... Dammit!