Lil Off Kilter For This Group, But Needed A Little Vent.

sleeping, I hear a plate shatter across the tile floor, "What the F**KKKK MICHAEL" Knowing it was probably my fault I heard the foot steps pounding. My bedroom door slammed against the wall, "Come clean up this S***" I opened my eyes as if I didn't already hear him cussing my name or pounding my way. I know better than to say sorry, or give any response, it just fuels the fire. My door slammed against the back wall again as he left. Starting to get up to go get the broom I could hear the pieces of the plate scrape across the tile as he swept it up, mumbling, "A** hole, I am so tired of this S***" then left the broom in the hall, and went to relax in the bath. I then got out of bed, put the broom downstairs and got ready to head out to work.

I had no intention of putting a plate in a place where it could break and I don't need the self affirmation that I am not an A-hole cause a plate broke. It's fairly consistent even in his best of moods it's only a matter of time. If he wonders why I don't strike up long conversation it's because it's because his moods shift so quickly. He doesn't know how to hold a conversation, his best form of it is to give me a list of things to do, as if I don't already have the intentions of doing them, or a list of my own in regards to work or progression in school.

There are better ways to handle stress, I hope I don't ever become this way. I want to get out before I do.
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22-25, M
Jan 17, 2013