I Probably Am..... =(

My family says it's a "preference". I'm not so sure. I have never been sexually attracted to black men or Asian men. I am however attracted to some Native American men. I have had friends from all walks of life especially in school but know that there are some stereotypes that I cling too, even knowing that they're wrong. 
I don't HATE other races or colors, I just don't "socialize" with them so much anymore. I never seem to have anything in common. I guess that's why I figure I am a racist, & it upsets me to no end....

What are your thoughts?
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You should never assume you don't have anything in common with someone because of how they look. I'm sure when most people look at me they have no idea my favorite music is classical music or that I graduated summa *** laude from college or that I write sci fi novels. I know that judging is part of human nature but it's dangerous. You may be missing out on tons of friendships by assuming you won't get along with someone based on how they look.

Just Follow Your Heart......

Thanks Max... : )

Racist: "A person who believes that a particular race is superior to another"<br />
<br />
Since this doesn't describe what you believe then, no, you're not a racist. You just don't feel physically attracted to men of certain backgrounds. Nothing wrong with that so stop beating yourself up for it :)