I have found myself scared of black men for no good reason.
I have grown up in the PNW, which is not know for it's multiculturalism. I have had a knee jerk reaction on a few occasion where I was passing a black man on the street or one of only a few people on Trimet late at night with a few other people of color, and I got off at an earlier stop or crossed the street. I'm a white female and I know it's wrong and racist to feel this way. I also think it's important to talk about these things to be able to find a way to improve racism. I don't want to feel this way, I want to be "above it all" like so many people claim to be. I suspect a lot of people feel similar to me, but don't feel comfortable discussing it. I have never been hurt or victimized by a black person. I have however been very hurt by white people. It makes no sense, help
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I know this is a really old post, but I think you're just afraid of what you have never experienced or got to know. Remember looks can be deceiving and clothes don't make the person. You're right you have to talk about it to get past it.