The Untold Stories...

There's always some parts of everything in our history that's just left out. What we know is that many people died, and then a war on terror began. But you cannot have a war on something thats intangible. For all we know the government set it up as an excuse to start a war to jump start the economy. It could have been terrorists in our own country doing it for christ sakes. We have no idea.

LylaRocks LylaRocks
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4 Responses Feb 10, 2009

yes we do need to speculate on September 11 there is strong evidence that the world trade centre was bombed. The media and government has brainwashed people to think that questioning the official report is wrong and even "wacko".

The truth is tragic enough that we don't need to speculate on nefarious plots.

You're absolutely right. I know that they knew. That's not news to me. But I'm sure theres still stuff untold.

Actually The Bush administration knew there was a threat against our country but did nothing about it. Thats the saddest part. None of those people who died in 9/11 had to die.