I Do Not Believe In Ownership!!!!!!

It is 2010! Women can be whateve rthey want to be!




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Women can be whatever they want to be - but there ARE some women that actually WANT TO BE OWNED

Then that is their right, ech0z. <br />
<br />
Personally, I am just sick of seeing everywhere that if you do not have a man, you are incomplete. That is a dangerous message.

True, but, what if they want to be owned?

I can or be as I wish within reason, truthseekr. I am not here to cause harm.

I don't believe in being owned either - thats why I never married and don't want to be married...I'm in my late 40s and have 4 children - I lived with their dad for 20 something years and now I'm in a new relationship and my kids still care about us and it doesn't bother them that we never married or that I have a new partner so although I'm a mum I'm still my own person and nobody (not even my kids) actually 'own' me - I can be or do as I wish...