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No One Should Be

of course woman shouldnt be owned but unfortunately a lot of men still think that we should be,especially if they are the breadwinner they think it gives them the right to dictate what you should do.think ect,never mind that you may be raising their children,and keeping the home clean and tidy,men who think like this will never have a full and loving relationship but they will never be aware of what they are missing as they are too busy thinking they are god,a  real man should love you,respect you,listen to you and allow you to be yourself.its a shame theres not a class in the national curriculam to teach boys how to treat woman !!!!

annaleestarr annaleestarr 46-50, F 2 Responses Mar 20, 2010

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Amen to that annaleestar!<br />
<br />
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EvieDrag: Live with my husband for a while. Some men just can't be taught. No matter how often I put my foot down (or how) :( It prob. doesn't help that his mother indulges him like he's still a little kid. My whole marriage has been nothing but a war. Me trying to get this to work, trying to get him to see what he's doing... while all he did for twelve years was try and find ways to dominate me (his car, his bedroom, his home, his son, his money...) and he might have succeeded with a different woman, but I'm every bit the feisty, stubborn, strong independent woman I ever was and he's still under the impression he can get away with all his little schemes...<br />
<br />
we'll see who's still strong when this is over. I don't plan on letting him break my spirit. Ever.

Only when women put there foot down and make men understand that women are supreme will there be any chance for humankind. Women must use their abilities to control men if they are to have the right to be leaders of this world. They have run things from behind for a long long time, now they must stand united and take their place at the top of the heap. Men will fall at their feet if done properly!