Okay If the Truth Be Known I Do Tolerate Liars and Backstabbers But I Don't Want to

There are so many of them everywhere you can't get a way from them.  Sometimes even they are the only people you have to interact with and sometimes they are people who have power over you so you have no choice.  How people have succeeded in not tolerating them is a secret I would like to know - as long as it doesn't cost me my soul to do it- that is as long as I can do it with out hurting somebody else or becoming a liar or backstabber myself.

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I really think everyone knows this and feels the same as you...just that we as you probably won't..be adding them as friends and hangout with them willingly.

Thank you so much. Your support and understanding mean so much.

But the question is how do other people cope with it because I am not coping very well.

Thanks for your feedback. I have great people in my life but somehow the backstabbers always find me and use me even when I have nothing to do with them. IE one time I worked in a grocery store, and I had nothing to do with this woman I worked with (it's a HUGE store with lots of employees!) I found my own friends. But that one person decided to use me and get me fired for something I didn't do. I don't even know her name- but I do know as a fact that she was responsible. So there you go- I don't look for people like that- in I would say every single situation I was surrounded by backstabbers- they were not my friends- they were people who used me. I worked at a good evangelical camp. I was so looking forward to meeting people with the same values as me! What was I surrounded by? Co-workers who had the opposite values as me. They went skinny dipping in the middle of the night (16 year olds with the 40 year old Director), were excited about this being the summer they would 'lose their virginity', and enjoyed spending the weekends getting drunk. Was I responsible for that? The truth is I was too young to even think, 'well why don't I just decide not to work at this camp now that I know what it is really like." Instead I didn't see any way out- or atleast was immobolized at how to take it. But anyway, I hung out with great people at camp- but still could not stop the bad ones from deciding to use me and hurt me.

Did you ever read that story of the three guys who went looking for Death? In the end they found Him. If one is looking for back stabbers and liars... one is bound to find them... EVERY WHERE! Why because that is what one is looking for!<br />
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I chose to look for and associate my self with honest people who have integrity. Because I am looking for that I find people who are honest with integrity. From my friends to my coworkers, I know I can trust them with my well being and that of my son's. Some who read this will say that I'm naive... but I've been looked after and found some truly AMAZING people along the way. <br />
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It was after my assault that I decided to chose my friends wisely and not tolerate a person whose intent isn't in the best interest of all involved. It was that last year in college that I broke up with that guy, was assaulted and had my exroommate steal my cousin's credit card that I just said NO MORE! And from then there has only been good people in my life. *shrugs* Good luck! *hugs*

It took me THIS long to read your comment? To understand your feedback? wow. I could just cry. THANK YOU. I just wish I had read this three years ago.

PS you are one person I want to get to know on here.