A Matter Of Trust

What can I say. Knowing just how deep the lies of the LDS / Mormons run, I would trust a Muslim over a Mormon in a heartbeat.

The entire idea of the Mormon / LDS organization is built on a lie, one that was added unto in order to elevate a single man to the role of prophet. A prophet who was proven to be nothing more than a delusional con-artist.

The Bible was used and ripped apart in order to support the Book of Mormons. Even after this attempt to create something claimed to be "perfect", the book itself underwent nearly 4000 corrections in 150 years.

Men and women are said to be equal, yet only men can belong to the priesthood.

Blacks were considered to be nothing more than slaves until only recently, and now people of "dark skin" are rushing to join an organization that still claims through their written words that they will be slaves in the afterlife.

To trust a Mormon is a dangerous proposition, and to trust the organization as a whole is, in my opinion, nothing short of selling your soul to evil.
ScottShaw ScottShaw
31-35, M
Sep 6, 2012